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内容导读:  导语:早期的海洋动物经过漫长的地质时期,逐渐演化出各种分支,丰富了早期的地球生命形态。在人类出现以前,史前动物便已出现,并在各自的活动期得到繁荣发展。那你想知道关于写动物英语作文怎么写吗?下面和小编


  My home have a cute little turtle. It was 10 years old my birthday sister-in-law from dad learned I like small animals, he gave me a rarity -- little turtle.

  Holding a pair of small tortoise has a big and heavy shell, limbs and exquisite petite feet with shrinkage, a pair of small eyes turned away all day.

  The turtle is very greedy. Eat every day to designated to eat on time, also must eat meat every meal, if which day which a meal not eat meat to it, it will break into a furious rage, flutters to where is the water from the tank. So I on time every day to feed it, at half past six in the morning for a small lean lean, half three pieces of lean lean, twelve o 'clock noon in the afternoon at half past two piece of lean lean, under the care of me, little turtle gradually grew up ready to grow.

  Mom and dad took me to the zoo yesterday, and I will change the calendar to get up at 7:00 in the morning, natu湘潭哪家医院治疗癫痫好?re, had changed to 7:10 feed the turtle. Tired of I tired to sleep sleep in the night, was asleep incense, suddenly, only heard a loud "crash". Ah! My head, I sat up, glanced at his watch "day!" It is time to the feed the turtle, I to the tank in a look, little turtle? I looked at around, little turtle was walking in my bed! And the turtle is hungry, it had to climb out of a fish tank, hit on my head to my protest!

  Since then, I think I dare not again late feed the turtle, lovely small tortoise! You say I love you or hate you?

  My lovely little turtle!







  我最喜欢的动物 My Favorite Animal

  Do you know what kind of animal I like most? It’s monkey. Monkey is a kind of lovely animal. Many peo癫痫病可以治好ple like monkeys very much. Generally, monkey has small body covered with fur. Some kinds of monkeys have two big eyes and ears and a long tail. I can see them on TV or the zoo. Every time I go to the zoo, I will go to see them. Monkeys often stay in trees and jump between them. They are so lively and favorable. When they are happy, they will act for visitors. It’s very funny.


  On Saturday, I went to my grandparents' house to play, entered my grandpa said to me: "home to a puppy." I ran quickly excitedly to the kennel.

  This little guy is sleeping, I to control his feeling excited, could not help but to touch it by hand, but who knows, the puppy vigilance is so high, my hands touched it hair, it is all of a sudden I woke up to now. It eyes, big carefully look at me, as if to say: "who are you? How do I haven't seen you?" I see, oh! Big round eyes, a small nose, cherry small mouth, not fat or thin face, and a pair of big ears and a air shook tail. In the summer it will lick up scattered cooling, is really a handsome boy!

  After dinner, I also wa癫痫病做手术能治好吗nt to see this little one to eat, then took a piece of meat on the ground, I thought to myself, so delicious it must be very like it. But to his surprise, it's just to smell the smell, and go to the side. I think, if it is afraid of being seen just refused to eat. Then, I hid behind the door, secretly observe it. Sure enough, little guys walking slowly in the past, and look at the then eat it with relish. It ate a piece of meat, I then from behind the door to come out and play with it. I threw a ball out of the distance, said to it: "help me to pick up the ball back!" It seemed to understand my words, kicking ran in the past, with his mouth put the ball has been sent to my side, and in this way, we are happy to play up.

  My dog is so cute!



  吃完饭后,我也想去看看这小家伙吃东西的样子,便拿了一块肉放在地上,我心想:这样美味它一定很喜欢吧。但出乎意料的是,它只是去嗅了嗅,又走到了一边。我想,是不是它怕被人看到才不肯吃呢。于是,我就躲在了门背后,偷偷地观察它的动静。果然,小家伙慢慢地走了过去,四面看了一下便津津有味地吃了起来。看它吃完了一块肉,我便从门后走出来和它一起玩了起来。我把一个球扔到了远处,对它说:“帮我去把球捡回来!”它仿佛听懂了我的话,飞快地跑过去用脚踢,用嘴顶把那个球一直送到了我的身边,就这样,我们高黑龙江中亚医院 你知道吗兴地玩了起来。


  I like animals very much, such as horses, monkeys, cats, tigers and so on. But I like dogs best. Why? Because they are very cute and friendly.I have a white dog. Its name is Bobo. She is a female dog. She comes from Beijing, China. She has two big eyes and a small month. She wears white clothes. She often walks around at home. It has nothing to do. She likes eating ice-cream so much, So do I. When I eat ice-cream, she will look at the ice-cream carefully. So I will give her some to eat.

  My favorite animals are rabbits. Rabbit is very cute, chubby, hairy. Its head is small, two long ears, like two big fan ed in the head, as long as there is a little static and dynamic, it will be kept on the ears before and after the swing. It is particularly beautiful eyes. It also has an endearing three mouth, the above two, the following one. Jigen on both sides of the mouth are thin beard, it always put the two long vertical whiskers were straight, and appears to be very spirited. Small rabbits love to eat green vegetables, red radish, but it is still the most favorite carrot. Rabbit likes to play on the lawn, it danced on the lawn, never mind played with more fun.




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